Hello blogging world!  My name Andrea and I am, well a lot of things.  I am a recovering addict and codependent, single mother, friend, daughter, co worker and whatever other hat you want to throw on me for the day.  On any given day I have so many different thoughts and emotions it could make your head spin.  I have never really attempted to do this before so I figured I would start with what I know.  Recovery and Food…

I have had a whirlwind life, started off really pleasant with a bright childhood.  Within that time something dark grew within me.  It wasn’t until later that I could really pinpoint what that was.  My addiction started small much like others, something tragic happened in my childhood that changed the way I viewed myself and reacted to the world around me.  By the time I was a teenager I felt “comfortable” around people that were the same as me; which has stayed true to this day.

Drugs, sex, and relationships took over my life, shaping every part of my life. I went from a 3.5 GPA in high school to dropping out of college because I just wanted to do it MY WAY and live my life.  Moving from house to house, couch to couch, city to city I thought that relocation and creating a family would help that dissatisfaction that was gnawing away at my inside would solve.  So I met a man that whisked me away to lovely Titusville, PA and gave me what I wanted.  My handsome son Tyler James.


I used the pregnancy as being able to do what I wanted and eat what I wanted, so since I was pregnant and still unhappy with my life I used food to try and make it better.  Pizza, pizza, and doughnuts!! After having my healthy baby boy I realized now I am a lot bigger than I was before, which made me feel even lower.  What does an addict do best in this situation? Seek out the people that know me best and get what I really want, the numbing feeling of drugs.

After leaving my son’s father because of my brother’s suicide and not being able to handle life, my addiction progressed until I found myself in Erie, PA almost 100 lbs less then I was before and now pregnant again.  This time I was so bankrupt that pregnancy did not stop me from using.  I would sell off the gifts people gave me for her and then steal them back to sell them again.  I was in a physically and verbally abusive relationship with her father.  Something needed to change….

May 9, 2013 was that day that changed my life.  After admitting to my abusive boyfriend that I cheated on him a year prior he went berserk and fearing for my life and my daughter’s life I packed up my clothes and my 5 week old daughter and left for Fredericksburg, VA.  It has been 3 years and almost a 100 lbs and now my life struggles are bills, what cartoon to watch on TV with Jemma, how can I get healthier, and which meeting should I go to.

That is my story.  Full of struggles but so many triumphs.  Thank you for letting me share my life with you!  I hope you enjoy.

If you have any questions about addiction, abuse, recovery, or weight loss please feel free to contact me.